Gracie Jiu Jitsu Self-Defense class

This is an exclusive self defense class based on the legendary Helio Gracie Self Defense program.  Maui Jiu-Jitsu Academy is committed to ensure that the most important elements of Jiu-Jitsu will never be neglected.  

Being the main/senior teacher at the Maui Jiu Academy makes me somehow responsible for the mental and physical safety of my students and hundreds of people on our community. I remember well the reasons why I decided to take Gracie Jiu Jitsu self defense classes at the age of 14 . After few incidents around my unsafe neighborhood , I jumped into it and little by little surviving the streets of Rio de Janeiro became easier . My trust and confidence started to grow because of the amount of hours I was dedicating learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense with the best professors of all time.  Just a lucky mixed destiny! 

Today, once a week I teach what I considered to be the most real and important part of my mission as martial artist ! I highly recommend and encourage anyone regardless of their knowledge and shape or gender to commit some of their time training Self Defense. It is different then just rolling/training, thinking about points and positions .  This  program will teach you how to behave and act when possibly being attacked by strangers.


White Belt class

Maui Jiu-Jitsu White Belt classes are exclusive for beginners and white belt adults. No previous experience is necessary. Our White Belt classes are designed to teach the core techniques of Jiu-Jitsu. Those basics are the fundamentals that will build a solid Self-Defense and Jiu-Jitsu foundation.

The fundamentals of the Jiu Jitsu techniques taught in the White Belt class include the following:

  • Basic escapes of bridging and shrimping, and how to implement those escapes with the right timing.
  • Focusing on the basic defense and attack moves, will prevent students getting confused by an overwhelming number of techniques.
  • The ability to relax and breath while training will help students master the techniques faster and safely.
  • Physical conditioning is also an important part of the white belt classes.
  • Our warm ups drills are specially chosen to teach the body how to move correctly.  The repetition of those drills will develop the reflexes needed to implement those moves with the right timing.

Join the white belt class today and enjoy a life-long Jiu-jitsu journey

Advanced Class

Maui Jiu-jitsu Advanced classes are exclusive from Blue to Black Belts students. This mixed class will allow students to practice with all different belts and skill levels.

This class is about mastering and refining the fundamentals of each student Jiu-jitsu journey.

Students in this class already experience the maturity levels required  to learn advanced techniques and to develop the reflexes to transition between each techniques.

Maui Jiu-jitsu advanced program also teaches takedowns and  Gracie Jiujitsu Self-Defense

Advanced No-Gi classes are also part of our schedule. Training both gi and no-gi  is a great way to improve the overall skills of a fighter.

No-Gi Class

Maui Jiu-jitsu also have Advanced No-Gi classes.  Usually students wear attire associated with surfing, specifically rash guards and board shorts.

In No-Gi training, grabbing the clothes is not allowed. Instead, students learn to control an opponent using their weight distribution and  gripping the body’s natural handles (such as neck, arms, wrists).

No-Gi classes  offer a faster and more dynamic style of fighting

Training both Gi and No-Gi  is a great way to improve the overall ability as a martial artist, specially for those students involved in Mix Martial Arts.


Competition class

Maui Jiu Jitsu competition Program is designed to learn sport jiu-jitsu techniques that fit the tournament scenarios and to prepare students for competition events.

The understanding of the competition point system will help students take full advantage of the Jiu Jitsu moves and positions to be implemented during training and events.

Physical conditioning is also an important part of this program.

This class is great for all students that want to experience the fun of sport Jiu Jitsu competition style.

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