Five codes of Human Conduct:

“People should be viewed by their respect towards others, the love in their heart, and their passion towards life.  

I promise….

  • Not to use martial arts to injure others, unless forced to in the interest of Self-Defense or the upholding of injustice.
  • Never to teach the Academy art to outsiders.  I will only teach to others in the academy with the permission of my instructor.
  • Always to maintain and respect the good name of the academy.
  • To maintain a high standard or moral conduct and never to bring the academy name into disrepute.

Maui Jiu-Jitsu Academy Code of Conduct:

1-    Progress is never alone. Help others improve and succeed.  Recognize that you are all members of a strong group, sharing common goals and interests. As you improve, your training partners improve. Iron sharpens iron. 

2-    As you progress, ego can be a constant enemy. Remain humble at all times. Check your ego at the front door. There is no shame in tapping out.  You will tap out and you will tap other out often.

3-    Never lose your temper. Exercise self-control at all times, both inside and outside the academy

4-    Keep fingernails and toenails short and trimmed.

5-    Always come to class early and with an open mind.

6-    Keep uniform clean and wash it after every use. 

7-    Show respect when entering and leaving the mat. Acknowledge your instructor and training partners with a handshake or bow before sparring

8-    Do not use profanity in the academy

9-    Always set a good example for lower ranks. Be aware that they will try to follow behaviors of senior practitioners.

10-  This is your school. Keep it clean.

11-   Sparing is not a game or contest. There is no winner or loser.  The goal is to learn, not win. You don’t have an opponent. You have a partner.  You are both polishing your skills.  In the real world, escape can be a victory.

12-  No talking while instructor is demonstrating a technique. Listening intently to details and raise your hand if you have any questions.

13-  Be respectful of others beliefs and opinions. Refrain from speaking about politics or religion while inside the academy.

14-  Remember your actions outside the academy may reflect the character of your academy.  You are an ambassador of our school.  Behave appropriately and with good manners at all times.